Dimitri Qvintus

Politics is about working with people. Here's some information about Dimi and what he does.

Who is Dimi?

Dimi is a father of two small children from Helsinki, born in Iisalmi. Dimi's mother tongue is Finnish, with his wife he speaks Swedish. He is fluent in English and German, has a working knowledge of Norwegian, and knows the basics of French and Italian.

Dimi is a member of the executive of the Social Democratic Party of Finland, chairman of the party's European working group and chairman of the party's Swedish-speaking district, Finlands Svenska Socialdemokrater. He is currently Director of Strategic Communications in the private sector. Prior to that, I was Head of Communications, Corporate Relations and Sustainability for the international stock exchange company Bayer Nordic in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Before that, he worked as a special advisor to PM Rinne and PM Marin. Dimi also had a 10-year career in key advisory positions in government and parliament.

Dimi has been in many tough places and under a lot of pressure in her career. He served as Special Advisor to the Prime Minister during Finland's EU Presidency. During the Presidency, he became familiar with EU lobbying, EU capitals and leaders, and EU summits in Brussels. He has also led the corporate responsibility, communications and community relations functions of an international listed company in eight countries.

Dimi is a tireless defender of the rule of law, human rights and Western democracy. In addition, his key election themes include peace and the continent of domestic peace.